Saturday, September 8, 2012

Follow the Leader?

Are Ewe Kidding?  Me? In need of a Leader
Sheep are characteristically known as Creatures of Habit!
Little quad grazing
Life is Good! I Just Want to be a Sheep!

Left to their own devices, they are capable of doing a great deal of Harm to themselves!

I've  Got a Baaa..D Feeling about this!

Not Surprisingly, they are in desperate need of a Leader!

EWE don't  think I Look  that "NEEDY", do EWE?

Enter the Shepherd, whose life mission is to manage the welfare of the sheep. The Wise Shepherd has answers for every one of their Issues.

My Sheep hear My Voice!

It is a Fact that of all the livestock animals, sheep require the most Direction & Guidance! Whether it's walking on the right Path, eating at the right place, or simply avoiding danger, they Need Leadership! The Wise Shepherd Knows that it is vital for grazing Sheep to be on the Move, otherwise they will be literally "Eating Dirt"!

This doesn't taste the same! It's kind of Crunchy!
Remember that as Ewe Choose to Follow His Lead today.
Ewe won't be disappointed!


"He Leads me in the Paths of Righteousness for His Name's sake." Psalm 23:3


  1. Love getting my daily dose of reminders on this blog. Keep up the good work! God bless.

    1. Thanks Georgia for your Up-Lifting Comment! I'm Glad God is Using the Blog as a Spiritual Vitamin! God Bless EWE!

  2. I love reading your blogs. I also love how you include pictures...very creative and gives us word pictures to enjoy. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Thank EWE Mary for the Kind Words! I'm SO Happy that God is using the Blog To Lift EWE up! God Bless EWE & Thanks for the Comment!

  3. This Is So Great ! I Miss You Mr . Woods !

    1. I Miss EWE too, Rosetta! I'm So Glad The Blog is Encouraging EWE! Thanks for Commenting & I Hope To See EWE at Bible Study! God Bless!