Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ultimate Sheepdog

Shepherd will sometimes employ assistance in caring for the Sheep. Meet JESS, The Ultimate Sheepdog!

"Some kids just need to be Bottle Fed." 'Hurry!' "My mouth is tired!"

The 10-year-old Springer Spaniel loves to help out in her own special way. She has been trained from an early age to nurture orphaned lambs.

"Come on Lamb Chop, suck it up!"
  Owner Louise Moorhouse, who farms on the edge of Dartmoor, in Devon, said that Jess enjoys carrying things around in her mouth. Besides bottles, Jess also carries all sorts of feeding buckets for her flock of Sheep.

"Here, take this bucket. EWE are looking a little Pale!"
She said: "Jess has been around Sheep all of her life and she is not at all frightened of the large ewes."

"So many lambs,so little time!"

Their relationship has become SO close that the Sheep even give her belly rubs, which she loves!

Will ewe stop it! I can't stomach this much longer!
True love for your fellow Sheep births in the Shepherd, a desire to both serve & sacrifice on behalf of the flock. It also initiates an intimacy in relationship that is like no other!

"This is why I live. I really love EWE!"

As Ewe start out Ewe-r day, recall the love & care The Shepherd displays for Ewe. Be at peace, for Ewe-r in good hands!

"We love Him because He first loved us."
I John 4:19

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