Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sheep Counting Calories?

Sheep Love to Graze on Luscious Grass! They Love it so much that unless they are moved along , they'll even eat the Roots![Baaa..d!]

This "Salad Bar" Tastes Great! Do EWE Agree? I Hope we stay Longer!

Sheep sometimes Overeat & become Very uncomfortable!

I'm Stuffed! Do EWE  have any  Tums?

"Keep Eating at this Buffet,  before they take it away!" "Hurry!"

Shepherds are also Nutritionists that plan the Menu ever so Diligently!

"Let's Move on Kids!" "Follow Me !"

"Ewe are going to be Fine!" "Come with Me!"

They must watch the Flock intently for any irregularities! For example, often after overindulging, Sheep lounge in the shade &  roll over on their backs! Cast down sheep are always a concern!

"I am Not eating at that Restaurant Again!"
When Grazing Today,  Look to "EWE-R" Master 
Dietician! Enjoy!

"The Lord is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want."
Psalm 23:1


  1. Oh man!!! Some days I have felt like that big ol' chubby sheep!! Praise God He has me on the healthy road to losing weight and getting fit!

    1. Thanks Georgia for such a "Healthy" response!God Bless EWE Today as EWE " into His Plan!FIT"

  2. Love it!! I am feeing bloated just looking at that sheep!! Abby and I are here cracking up at all your comments! EWE r funny!! lol

    1. I'm Glad "The Sheep Whisperer" is able to "Lighten EWE=R Load ! "A Cheerful Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine!" God Bless Today as EWE As EWE Travel Light!

  3. We need to get that one sheep on the Treadmill!!! That is what happens when you let ewer gym membership expire! lol

    1. Hi Abby! Thanks so Much for Commenting!EWE are So Right about that Sheep! I don't think they Ever Had a Gym Membership! God Bless EWE today as Ewe Follow His Lead!