Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sheep Having Fun!

Sheep that are properly cared for by the Shepherd learn to be Content under their Master's Care.
Good Morning Little Lambs! EWE are Grazing Well Today!

A Loving Shepherd walking among them brings peace to their anxious hearts.

When their Fear is dispelled, Sheep are Free to Enjoy themselves.

"Let's Go Swimming!""Last one in is a Rotten Egg"

The Shepherd Delights seeing the Flock at Ease,Content,& Having Fun!

Don't tell anyone but I'm "Up in the Air" about being "On the Lamb!"

"Eat EWE-"r Heart Out!"Life is Good!"
Today, Enjoy Life to the Fullest & Laugh! Be at ease Knowing your Shepherd Loves EWE!

"The Lord Is MY Shepherd; I Shall Not Want."
Psalm 23:1

I Love Being a Sheep!


  1. Nice smile! I guess he really does love being a sheep!

    1. Ewe can be sure of this, that it's "a Smile only his Mother could Love"! Thanks Alan for Commenting & Remember to "Keep Smiling,I'm still in the Driveway"! Love EWE!

  2. Dear Papa,
    I love this story. Especially the picture of the sheep with the "I'm having fun and you can't stop me" words on it. When I saw that I started laughing so hard! And then I kept on laughing harder and harder and harder with each new picture! And when I got to the LAST ONE, I was CRACKING UP!!!! Love EWE, Papa!

    1. Hi Kylie! I'm so glad EWE "Cracked up" over the Blog!Laughing works like medicine & I'm thrilled EWE had so much FUN!I'd like EWE to be a good little Lamb Chop & continue commenting! I Love EWE!