Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Predators Beware!

Sheep live everyday with an "Extreme" need for Guidance & Direction. They are mostly unaware of all the potential danger lurking in their surroundings. Even though their physical range of view is adequate, they need Protection.  
"Did EWE know that we NEED Guidance & Direction? "
 Coyotes are their most deadly predator. Wolves are also a frequent predator, as well as Wild Dogs. They Roam the Pastures in search of all "Opportunities".
OUCH! Will somebody Get this intruder out of here?
Come to me my little "Lamb Chop"!
The Love & Loyalty of the Shepherd is a force to reckon with. 
EWE better be "Feeling Lucky"!

Let me introduce Ewe to the "Tools of the Trade"!
If EWE try messing with them,  Ewe will have Me to contend with!

Fortunately for Sheep, their Shepherd is well equipped to Protect
them.He carries a Rod & a Staff to drive predators away. He also employs Sheep Dogs to assist Him.

Ewe better get back to the main flock! It's Safer there!
Don't Ewe worry about a thing, my lamb chops



Recall today how Good your Shepherd is & how Capable He is of
Protecting EWE ! Travel Securely! 
"I Am the GOOD Shepherd who lays down His Life for the Sheep."




  1. I am very thankful for my Shepherd who watches over me.

    1. I am Too! He's the Best in the North,South,East, & West! God Bless EWE!See EWE Tomorrow!

    2. Hi Mr.Woods have a good day!

    3. Hi Zach! Thanks for commenting on the Blog!Let me Know which picture is EWE-R Favorite!God Bless EWE & say HI to EWE-R Family!

  2. EWE certainly did RAM home that message. The evil predator, Satan the wolf, can't pul the wool over your eyes. Wel, I have to hoof it now.

    1. EWE Wooly Bully! I'm so thankful Ewe enjoyed the Punny Blog!Please keep writing Lamb Chop!God Bless EWE Anonymous!

  3. I feel so sheepish going in as anonymous...Norm Blum

    1. I Figured it had to be someone as Brilliant as EWE! God Bless EWE!