Saturday, September 1, 2012

Waterlogged or Thirsty?

Are you Saturated with The Living Water?


Thirsty ?

EWE don't see these kind of "CONTRAPTIONS" out in the country!

 Sheep need guidance in a "BAAA"d way! Why not jump in & saturate Ewer-self in the water the Good Shepherd
offers that will never run dry...
How Refreshing! What did Ewe say the name of this river was?

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Which way to the River of Living Water?

"But Whoever drinks of the water that
 I shall give him will never thirst. 
But the water that 
I shall give him 
 will become in him a fountain of water 
 springing up 
into Everlasting Life!"
John 4:14

Try it-You'll Like it!

As EWE travel in the paths laid out for EWE today, take time to taste the WATER that Never runs Dry!

"TASTE & SEE that the LORD is GOOD.."